Our Hardwood

We specialize in Engineered Hardwood, flooring made up of multiple layers of wood stacked and glued together in a cross-grain construction. The best engineered wood floors are built with a backing and multiple ply layers with the inner core made of either hardwood or plywood and the top layer composed of the hardwood veneer wear layer. 

Engineered hardwood products are designed and manufactured to maximize the natural strength and stiffness characteristics of wood. Our products are stable and offer greater structural strength than typical solid hardwood.

Benefits of Engineered Hardwood


  • A stable core that is less likely to expand, contract, or shift, due to changes in temperature and humidity

  • Increased resistance to fluctuating moisture levels

  • Ability to be installed in various places and areas inside the home (such as in basements or over concrete)

  • Environmentally friendlier than solid floor, using half as many trees and helping conserve our forests

  • Easy installation with various methods to choose from- glue down, floating, or nail/staple down

Unique Character

Each species of wood in our collections goes through distinct processes that show off and preserve the natural characteristics of each piece of wood.


Distressed flooring is a technique used to give the hardwood an aged, time worn feel. This look is achieved by running the planks through a machine that makes marks and indentations into the wood to give it the wear and tear characteristics that are so popular today. We couple our wood with both distressed and hand scraped patterns to give the ultimate rustic characteristic paired with a modern finish.

Hand Scraped

Hand scraped hardwood flooring is popular for its warm, classic look for modern homes. With its sculpted look, hand scraped hardwood offers texture and depth of an aged and sophisticated feel. Each plank is hand scraped by artisans with years of experience, giving each piece of flooring its own distinct characteristics. Hand scraped flooring is meant to showcase the natural grain and enhance the organic appearance.


Wire brushing is a trending style for homeowners due to its rustic, authentic look. In this process, the wood is brushed with a large, hard bristled wire brush, causing the wood grain to open up and expose the heart of the wood to the surface. It is then sanded down and results in a two toned look and a more durable floor that can hide imperfections, scratches, or other mishaps that occur throughout a floor's lifetime. The rich texture is perfect for homeowners looking for a more rustic look to design with elegant interiors.

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Durable Finishes

We offer different finishes with our two collections, each carefully chosen to maximize the integrity and lifespan of our wood.

UV Cured Aluminum Oxide

The Montecito Collection is finished with a UV Cured-Aluminum Oxide Finish. This mineral, Aluminum Oxide, is added to polyurethane to create a clear coat finish that dramatically increases the lifespan of the floor. This is the most common and most durable of all hardwood floor finishes. UV Cured Aluminum Oxide finishes increase durability and abrasion resistance while preserving the quality and appearance of wood flooring.  Aluminum oxide has high resistance to weather, heat, abrasions, and moisture and helps resist fading and other signs of wear.

UV Cured Oil

The Symphony Collection is finished with a UV Cured Oil that uses ultra violet light and oil to penetrate and cure the surface to protect and nourish the wood. This finish gives a good seal coating that is thin and flexible in protecting against chipping, dents, dirt, and other accidents that happen in everyday life.

This  low build thickness (thin coat) results in a softer, natural appearance that gives a more luxurious feel than that of a polyurethane finish. 

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While our floors are durable and meant to last, proper cleaning, care, and maintenance is essential in prolonging a floor's lifespan. Please see our Maintenance Guide for tips in caring for your hardwood.